Is a Cure for Herpes on the Horizon

Health Writer

Researchers at Duke University Medical Center have now figured out how the HSV1 - the cause of cold sores - manages to hide out.   Apparently they lie dormant in the trigeminal nerve of the face until they are triggered by excessive sunlight, a fever or other stresses.

Well now that scientists are beginning to understand how the virus switches back and forth from dormant to active phase, and this could lead to a cure.   When the virus gets stimulated it creates new molecular material (RNA) and replicates and then goes out on its so-called "new mission" - hence the cold sores.   If scientists can create a drug that binds to the RNA and stimulates the replication, you essentially activate the virus and then kill the virus by having the patient take acyclovir.   You would then have a situation where a virus was eradicated for good.

This would be huge since HSV1 is certainly a communicable disease and can be transferred by kissing, oral sex, sharing utensils or towels.   Drug trials to begin developing microRna stimulators are now in the works.   Stay tuned for more!