Is hyperacusis leftover symptom of Migraine or permanent?

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I was diagnosed with vestibular migraines or migraine associated vertigo three months ago. I was put on Nortriptyline for 12 days and my nervous system went crazy. I was told the medication aggravated a migraine. My symptoms were vertigo, ear fullness, tinnitus, severe migraine pain which I hadn't had before, light sensitivity, and hyperacusis. It has been three months now, and I still have the hyperacusis. Although it has improved, I still can't listen to the tv, talk on the telephone up to my ear, or go into a store. Others used to have to whisper around me, but now I can handle normal conversation and the sound of dishes and silverware. When I tried another medication it made my symptoms come back. Is the hyperacusis a left over symptom of the migraine which will continue to get better or is it permanent? Jenny.


Dear Jenny;

If I could predict the future, I'd work in a circus or start a new Google business! :-) Depending on who and how your diagnosis of "vestibular Migraines" was made, and the circumstances thereof, it would be almost impossible to make a necessary relationship between the headaches and the equilibrium disorder, unless both get very much better with Migraine treatment. So, although they may be linked symptoms, they may be separate items as well.

The diagnosis of "vestibular Migraines" also makes it rather difficult to comment. To simplify matters and make it easier for people to get information and treatment, doctors usually go by the gold standard for diagnosis, the International Headache Society's International Classification of Headache Disorders, 2nd Edition (ICHD-II). Under ICHD-II, there is no diagnosis of "vestibular Migraine." You can read more about the importance of a correct diagnosis in _The Type of Migraine Does Matter _.

Good luck,
John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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