Is Patting Down Pizza And Other Greasy Foods A Fat Loss Trick?

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I'm always entertained when I have dinner with one of my friends.   She has this habit of ordering fried foods and using paper towels or napkins to pat down all her fried foods from french fries to pizza.   Since she knows I like to eat healthy she will on many occasions proudly show me her oiled up napkin and say "Kenn, I just removed fifty percent of the fat"  So is patting down greasy food this effective?

I've seen her do this so many times, (and I know I'm not the only one) So I finally decided to investigate this phenomenon of patting fried or oily foods down as a way to significantly reduce the fat content.   While I did not find anything hardcore, I came across a study by the Georgia-Pacific Health Smart Institute that said that "patting pizza with paper towels can be an effective way to help remove excess grease".  Their results revealed that patting the surface of a pizza with an absorbent paper towel can remove up to 14% of total fat and up to 17% of saturated fat.

So how does one properly execute the "Pizza Pat" Their instructions say "It's easy: simply lay a paper towel folded into quarters on top of the pizza and pat the surface. Wait for a moment to allow the paper towel to soak up the excess fat and oil, flip the paper towel over or turn it inside out and pat again to pick up any missed grease.  Then, just throw the greasy paper towel away. Repeat as necessary"   Simple enough.

I also have to mention that the same study also showed that patting down your pizza not only removes 14% of total fat but also up to 17% of the total cholesterol.   Now these numbers are not anywhere close to 50% that my friend always talks about, but since they are in the double digits, it's worth taking a look.

So let's do the math.   The average slice of pepperoni pizza (1 serving) has about 10 grams of fat.   Less 14% you have reduced your total fat by 1.4 grams.   The average male can easily throw down 4 slices which means if you pat down your greasy 4 slices of pizza you eliminate 5.6 grams of fat.   Now this is quite significant and it's just one meal.

Word of caution, don't be excited and start eating pizza like it's going out of style because no amount of paper towel patting action will prevent you from getting fat, because most pizza's are made of highly refined carbohydrates and have high fat content which means they are easily stored as fat in your body. I have never met a healthy person with a good physique who eats pizza regularly. My advice, if you have to indulge in pizza, do it  only once a while, but I if you do, I think you should be kind to your waistline and give it a good pat down.

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