Is There a Connection Between Herpes and Erectile Dysfunction?

Health Professional

Is there any sort of relationship between genital herpes and erectile dysfunction? Could herpes lead to ED?

The only link between erectile dysfunction and genital herpes would be psychogenic. Patients with herpetic infections may have anxiety about the disease, or other subconscious thoughts that could lead to psychogenic erectile dysfunction. The fear of transmitting this to a partner could lead to such dysfunction. If you must partake in sexual activity while having an active infection, protected intercourse is recommended. The use of any of the oral agents such as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis would help with any ED that may be associated with the disease process.  Important: _We hope you find this general medical and health information useful, but this Q&A is meant to support not replace the professional medical advice you receive from your doctor. For all personal medical and health matters, including decisions about diagnoses, medications and other treatment options, you should always consult your doctor.