Is There a Link Between Asthma Meds and Infertility?


Women of childbearing age who use short-acting asthma medications are at increased risk for infertility problems, according to researchers at the University of Adelaide in Australia. However, their study suggests that women who use long-acting inhaled corticosteroids to prevent asthma symptoms are able to conceive as quickly as women who do not take medicine to treat asthma.

The researchers analyzed information from the international Screening for Pregnancy Endpoints (SCOPE) study involving more than 5,600 women in the early stages of their first pregnancies. Overall, 10 percent of the study participants reported having asthma.

The women using short-acting inhalers (beta-agonists) took 20 percent longer to conceive and were 30 percent more likely to have taken longer than one year to conceive than those using long-acting asthma medicines and women who did not have asthma.

Sourced from: European Respiratory Journal