Itch That Makes Me Twitch


Asked by MS Chica

Itch That Makes Me Twitch

Hi. I have had MS for about 2 and a half years and when my leg or abdomen itch I get this muscle jerk that is almost like a twitch. After I scratch it goes away, but it can be embarrassing when it happens in public. I was wondering if this was a common MS symptom?


Hi MS Chica

We are glad to see you! I remember you had asked some questions here some months ago...glad to see you back.

It seems that everyone with MS is itchy lately. I had just responded to a question about itching as did some others. Why don't you take a look at the "itch" discussion we had by following this link.

As far as twitching when you itch...I have experienced this too. When I am feeling starts for me as a disoriented feeling...I am just so sensitive that the slightest little thing will make me jerk. It can be a noise, a repeating visual such as on a video game, or touch. I think during these times, our wires are just very sensitive to oncoming stimuli and our bodies don't know what to you get a twitch or a jerking movement. This is my hypothesis anyway.

You really have to watch when this happens that nobody is next to you otherwise they might get a kick or a punch.

I hope you are doing okay...let us know how things are going for you.

Answered by Merely Me