Itchiness And Discoloration Besides Both Nipples.


Asked by sulfuric

Itchiness And Discoloration Besides Both Nipples.

I have been having itchiness and discoloration at the sides of my left and right nipples more then a month, and i felt the more itchy when i scratched them. There are discharges,pain or lumps. I got no family history of breast cancer. Is it cancer? Should i seek help?


Hi - Since this is happening in both breasts, it would be unlikely it would be cancer, which usually only presents symptoms in one breast at a time. I assume you meant to write "There are NO discharges, pain, or lumps," right? Because if you have a lump, that would qualify as a breast change that should be checked out by a doctor.

As for the itching - it could be a simple skin issue. Your nipples are very sensitive - have you changed laundry detergent or shower gel? Bought a new bra, anything like that? If not, it could be a hormonal issue. Please read our post on nipple issues, which will help you decide whether/when to have this seen by a doctor. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel