Itching After Mastectomy


Asked by jomo1960

Itching After Mastectomy

Has anyone that has had a mastectomy experienced itching in the area, but under the skin? My skin is numb and the itching seems to be from under it. I had Inflammatory Brease Cancer and experienced itching in the breast then. My Mastectomy was 1-28-09. Just wondered if I should call my breast surgeon or if anyone had this and maybe just the dry cold air? thanks.


Hi - Itching underneath the skin wouldn't seem to be caused by external circumstances (e.g., cold air); but it might very well be a latent nerve issue from the surgery. I'd report this symptom to both your oncologist, and your breast surgeon; see what they say. Once you've had breast cancer, you should always report any new breast symptoms as a matter of course - just to be sure. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel