Itching Red Bumps That Will Not Go Away. Please Help!


Asked by Tom

Itching Red Bumps That Will Not Go Away. Please Help!

HELP! I have had this problem for over a year and a half. I have bumps that randomly come on my legs, buttocks, arms and stomach area mainly, ocassionally on my head. they resemble a flea bite or chigger bite. It is not in a rash form, sometimes one comes up, and sometimes several. They itch uncontrollably. Its like they itch to the bone. I somtimes scratch till it brings blood. It is horrible. Obiously they form scabs and its like I cannot get any relief until the scab is scratched off. I have scars all over my body from this. I have a few places that have never went away since this first occured. Some go a way for a while then return. I have new places to come up on regular basis. I first thought it was fleas, I was at a home with pets, then I bought used shirts from goodwill store and thought it was maybe from clothing, then I had a medication change. I had several different things goin on at the time. I have been to dermitologist several times,they said I had a form of psoriasis, or a hair follical infection. I have been on predisone several times, it never helped, I had been put on antibotics several times it never helps, I have a cream that they prescribed to me that helps with the itiching some but does not make them go away. I have tried all kinds of home remedies. I have made myself not scratch ( as much as possible.) I have often wondered if it was a medication reaction. I am a heart patient and I am on several different medications. I have stopped taking them one by one and it has not helped. The doctor took a biopsy and it came back pretty much undetermined, there were something like 15 different possiblities. I am disabled and I have state insurance, and with that said, I am limited to the treatment I can get. Thought it might be bed bugs so I did the whole routine of washing everything, vaccuming mattresses, steam cleaning mattresses, carpet.. over the top cleaning, everthing possible. Thought it might be scabies, but I did everything recommended for that. It is not contagious at all. My girlfriend has been around a lot , we been together over a year and has never gotten it. Somtimes I cannot even focus on anything because the itching is so intense. If anyone knows what this might be please, please , please let me know. Thank you.


Hi there

Well first of all I am sorry you are going through this. It sounds like torture to have this intense itch and not know the cause. Please know that I am not a doctor but I am wondering if these are hives since they randomly appear. Have you ruled out any allergies? Are you using and different soaps, detergents, or skin creams? Do they appear after eating certain foods? Do they crop up when you are feeling anxious?

Sometimes food allergies can cause these sorts of symptoms in my experience. My son has an intolerance to gluten and gluten causes his skin to react with eczema and hives.

Here is what I would recommend: Begin keeping a log of when your symptoms appear and under which conditions? Were you out in the sunlight (you may be sensitive to the sun)? What did you eat? Were you feeling anxious? Were you exposed to any plants, animals, or insects? Also write down when the bumps go away. In addition, you may wish to take a photo of these bumps so that your doctor can know exactly what they look like. Sometimes it takes awhile to figure things out. It took us years to figure out that my son was reacting to gluten (wheat).

Good luck to you and please let us know if you find out what is causing your itch.


Answered by Merely Me