Itchy Breast.. Is It Eczema Or Should I Be More Concerned?


Asked by K

Itchy Breast.. Is It Eczema Or Should I Be More Concerned?

I'm 21 and for the last few months my right breast has been very itchy on and times the itch can be unbearable and no amount of scratching gets rid of it it's like a weird tingly/pin pricking sensation under the skin almost....when it gets like this my nipple although not itchy starts to crack and sometimes bleed and the breast looks swollen and out of shape! I've visited my doctor who prescribed cream for me and has also referred me to the hospital to be on the safe side, the cream helped with the cracked nipple but my breast still gets itchy and swollen at times although not as often.. my appointment for the hospital came through and I know this sounds awful but I'm not sure if I should go..I feel almost like I may be wasting time that other people may really need and that this may only be something minor. I'm only a very small B cup and I can't feel any it possible that this could just be eczema maybe or should I be more concerned??


Itchy breasts can be a difficult problem, but usually the cause is not dangerous. Because the cream helps and the itch comes and goes, this is not likely to be cancer. However, I do think you should follow your doctor's recommendation to go to the hospital. I'm not clear whether he is referring you to a specialist with an office in the hospital or whether he wants you to have some further tests like a mammogram or ultrasound done. Nevertheless, you should trust your family doctor's recommendation that more investigation is needed. Please try not to scratch; that can make it worse. Try pressing really hard with the palm of your hand without rubbing or scratching. I hope you soon get some relief.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson