Can An Itchy Breast With A Red Spot Be Breast Cancer?


Asked by Susie

Can An Itchy Breast With A Red Spot Be Breast Cancer?

My left breast has been extremely itchy for over a week. I also have a red rash, tender to the touch, on the underside of my breast. I understand that these may be signs of a breast infection, but I've also been reading about IBC and am concerned. I'm only 22 years old. What are your thoughts?


First, please read What Can I Do About My Itchy Breasts, for information about common causes for this condition, and their solutions.

While it's understandable you'd be nervous about inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), it's probably the least likely cause for this itching, which is rare at any age and even rarer in women in their twenties.  In addition, IBC fairly quickly develops other symptoms (heat, swelling, pain, and a change in skin texture), so unless you're seeing any of this, you probably don't have to worry about cancer.

A rash on the underside of the breast is more likely to be a fungal infection or heat rash.  You could see if an anti-fungal powder (like the ones used for athlete foot) helps. However, rashes are very difficult to diagnose correctly, so I'd suggest that you see a doctor. It's good that you're aware of the possibility of IBC, but start by checking out the most likely causes first.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson