Itchy Bumps On My Breast


Asked by RayOSunshine

Itchy Bumps On My Breast

Almost a week ago I started to experience pain, tingling & itchiness in my right breast. About 3 days ago I woke up with about a quarter sized patch of red itchy bumps at the base of the breast towards my armpit. Most of the pain & itchiness in my breast has subsided with an occasional tingle feeling and the now the extremely itchy bumps. I've been driving myself crazy looking at breast cancer symptoms. So far my symptoms aren't quite matching those of Paget's or IBC. Not sure if this would be something my OBGYN or family doctor should handle. Any idea what this may be??


Most breast rashes are skin issues, so I would suggest starting with your family practice doctor who probably has more experience with a wide range of types of rashes. I think you are correct in eliminating IBC or Paget's as issues to be concerned about. Neither would have improved on their own as yours has, and Paget's is a disease of the nipple. Unless you are seeing steady improvement in the rash, it would be a good idea to check with the doctor. I hope a simple cream or ointment can take care of it. An itching breast is so uncomfortable.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson