Itchy Burning Nipple?!


Asked by rennie20

Itchy Burning Nipple?!

im 22 years old african american woman my right areola looks as if it spread a little than normal. now that same breast has itching on the nipple and a few pains and burning sensation. is this IBC?

i went to the doctor today and he diagnosed it as mastasis but i know it isnt mastasis bc im not pregnant breastfeeding or have any children. when i brung up breast cancer he said a lump had to be present which i KNEW was false for ibc.. im driving my self bananas looking on forums and my next doc appointment isnt for over a week..


Hi - This could very well be mastitis, just as the doctor says. You don't have to be pregnant, nursing, or have had children to have mastitis - it's a breast infection, and anyone can get it. Hopefully, he's given you some antibiotics, to see if they'll clear it up. if he hasn't, call back and say you'd like a prescription ASAP, as that's the usual treatment for mastitis.

If you take antibiotics and it doesn't go away, then you should find another doctor, and pursue what's causing your symptoms. I say find another doctor, because clearly the one you saw doesn't know enough about possible causes of itching and burning in the breast, if he thinks a lump has to be present for it to be cancer. It would be INCREDIBLY unlikely for you to have IBC - at your age, cancer is just a tiny possibility, and IBC is rare even for older women. Still, you want to figure out what's causing the burning and itching, so don't take no for an answer - if the antibiotics don't work, get a second opinion, OK? Good luck and I hope this goes away quickly. PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel