Itchy Nipple & Discharge Fluid


Asked by Melody

Itchy Nipple & Discharge Fluid

im 30yrs old. i have an allergy recently, however few days later, i feel my nipple is started itchy and i found that my bra have yellowclr fluid, i guess discharge fluid from nipple. what color of the fluid? yellow? am i hav breast cancer. i have try to do some test myself, breast is not pain no lump, not change of sizes...what can i do next?


Hi Melody - It's very unlikely you have breast cancer; please read our guide to nipple discharge for more information about possible causes for the fluid leaking from your nipple. As to the itchiness, it could be part of the same issue, or might be something unrelated. If the itchiness continues for more than a couple of weeks; or if it gets worse, or your breast seems infected—swollen, red, painful, hot—you'll want to go see the doctor, OK? Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel