Itchy Nipples And Discharge


Asked by nicky

Itchy Nipples And Discharge

hi im 15 this year and my nipples have been really itchy for a while. i scratched so hard, especially my right nipple that the skin broke and there's discharge coming out of it. i try not to scratch but it's just too itchy. whenever i take off a bra the right nipple is flattened and seems to stick to it and there'll be dried up discharge on the bra. it's all really gross. there are also little bumps like bigger goosebumps around the nipple that go away when i touch them. what's wrong with me? could it be paget's disease? and what should i do about the bra problem? thanks for the help!


Nicky, itching is very common, and when it is in both breasts, it is almost never breast cancer. You will want to read this article about itchy breasts that includes some home care tips to reduce the problem. It also gives some guidelines for when you need to call the doctor. During puberty girls often experience itchy nipples as their breasts grow and their hormones change, so you might also want to read this guide to breast development for teens.

If the discharge is related to the broken skin from your scratching, you may have developed an infection that needs a doctor's attention. You need to talk to an adult to get some guidance about whether good home care for infections will be enough or whether you need to see a doctor for an antibiotic.

I know it is extremely hard not to scratch, so try to just press really hard with the palm of your hand without rubbing. Scratching just makes the itching worse.

Although teenagers almost never get breast cancer, they can have allergies, infections, or other problems that might need a doctor's attention, so it is good that you are paying attention to your breasts and finding information to help you.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson