Itchy Raised Cluster Type Bumps That Also Burn


Asked by ItchyBee

Itchy Raised Cluster Type Bumps That Also Burn

A few days ago I noticed a small, nickel sized patch of a cluster-type rash above my knee. It was itchy and raised bumps that were pimple-like, yet didn't seem to appear to have any fluid, they were just bumps. The next day I had another area on the same leg, inner thigh, that was rashy, but different. Red welts that itched and seem to have teeny tiny blister looking things on it. My whole thigh area is itchy and almost has a burning sensation. I have an autoimmune thyroid condition and went to my endocrinologist who told me it was related to my condition, prescribed me a steroid and sent me on my way. I thought it could be shingles but my doctor didn't even mention the word and I would think he would know what that looks like. He's been in practice for many years. I value his opinion, but he didn't even look at it for 2 seconds before telling me what he thought it was. And both of the rashes look different. Also, I've looked online and found nothing relating my thyroid condition with a rash other than someone with celiac disease, which I don't believe I have. I'm going nuts and i'm really worried because I'm not sure if it's contagious and I don't want to spread it to my children. Up until today (when I saw my Dr.), I had kept it bandaged and used Mupurocin on it along with cortisone. It hasn't helped. I've also used Domboro soak on it and didn't see any results with that either. This sucks.

*One day later and some of the bumps are turning purple. Extreme itching. I'm getting no sleep. This is torture.


Hi there

How are you doing now?

If the bumps are not going away despite treatment...I would say to get a second opinion from another doctor preferably a dermatologist. You may have more than one thing going on.

Here is a symptom checklist for rashes which may be of interest to you from

My best suggestion is to be seen by another doctor.

Let us know if you find out the cause of your rash.

Answered by Merely Me