Itchy Rash, Scalp, Neck, Back, Arms And Under Belly For Several Months. 2 Rounds Of Steroids No Help


Asked by trudonna

Itchy Rash, Scalp, Neck, Back, Arms And Under Belly For Several Months. 2 Rounds Of Steroids No Help

I am 63 years old and retired and moved to Oregon Coast recently. Florence, Or to be exact. Ever since I arrived I began to itch - middle back, noticed felt like rash - then after about a month noticed very itchy scalp and rash. It has spread down my neck, to my whole back, both arms and under belly fat. It itches so much I am sure I am scaring. I take 2-3 hot showers a day for the immediate and short term relief from the itching. I went to walk-in clinic (no insurance) twice. First they gave me an oral steroid, then a shot and there was little to no difference. None of the anthystimin (?sp.) have worked at all, or VERY short lived.

I fasted and washed and triple rinsed all bedding, even treated for dust mites. I am an artist and expose myself to lots of things but NEVER, ever had this reaction to anything in all my life and for the life of me can not figure out what it is. In my whole life I have never had a rash that I can remember, other than a heat rash or two and when lived in the tropics as a child eczema.

I am beginning to think that it is internal - and wondering if at such a late stage in life one can develop sever onset of allergies to things that have always been staples with no reaction? i.e. nuts, cinnamon....If it were environmental, I think that I would have seen some change as I tried to address most of that. I do live above several lakes, in the woods and walk a lot but...HELP!!!

I have always had easy to tan not burn skin. Mosquitos not a problem. Not sensitive skin and no known food or other allergies.


Hello there

First of all wanted you to know that I am not a doctor and so the information given here cannot replace the medical advice from your doctor.

You know...sometimes changing where we live can produce allergies we never had before. I am wondering for you if adult eczema may be a possibility. The hot showers are not going to be good for such a thing and make it worse. Use lukewarm water and go to your drugstore for an oatmeal bath solution.

If this is eczema you will have to find out what your triggers are. Does stress, for example, make things worse?

If you are able do find a dermatologist as this type of doctor is going to best be able to figure out what this is and treat it.

I know this must be maddening for is terribly to itch and not know the cause.

Please let us know if you figure out the cause. And thank you for your question.

Answered by Merely Me