Itchy, Sore Side Breasts/armpits


Asked by kkeenan

Itchy, Sore Side Breasts/armpits

my lower armpits/side of my breasts have been itching for a while now. Its about right where my bra reaches my armpit. The other night I noticed what feels like a low lump on my left side more in my breast tissue but I"m not sure, and it hurts on both sides if I push on it. Also I'm large breasted- 34- GG so I have shoulder pain too, could this be related? Anyone with similar symptoms? I haven't changed my bras, deodorant or body soap.


Itching under the arms and on the sides of the breasts could be from chafing or a heat rash, especially at this time of the year in the U.S. the lump needs to be checked out by a doctor if it lasts longer than a menstrual cycle. Call the doctor sooner if it is really worrying you, but lumps that hurt like yours are often cysts that will change with hormone levels. The shoulder pain may well be from being large-breasted, but is probabaly not related to your other issues. Since you have several problems going on, a visit to the doctor would be a good idea.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson