Itchy Throat With Surging Dry Cough?


Asked by annie gillum

Itchy Throat With Surging Dry Cough?

Lately I have been having an itchy throat and a tickle that surges into a dry cough.


Hi Annie,

If the dry itchy throat and cough are giving you cause for concern, the best thing to do is make an appointment with your doctor or health care provider. While online sites give you information that will help you ask all the right questions, only your doctor can make a diagnosis and plan of treatment with you to manage your care.

It is possible you have allergies, it is also possible you have the beginnings of asthma. Here is some general information for you to look through.

If you have issues with allergies, there is a great overview here about what allergies are, what they do to your system, some of the causes of allergic reactions, symptoms, treatments available and testing to confirm the diagnosis and determine the cause. Once you have been diagnosed with allergies, your doctor may prescribe medications to help control some of the symptoms and inflammation.

If your doctor diagnoses you with asthma. You can read a good overview about Asthma here. If your doctor diagnoses you with asthma, you might be prescribed a medication. You can read about many medications commonly prescribed for asthmatics here in the drugs database. Managing your treatment is something that you and your doctor work together on. You can get information about some of the treatments available here in the treatments database.

I hope this helps. Please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing!

Vicki M