It's My Migraine, and I'll Cry If I Want To!

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Usually, I'm fairly good at coping with Migraines. I take my medications and, if I need to, lie down. And that's that. Usually.

In a way, I don't think I'd be as ticked off if my recent period of increased Migraines had been precipitated by an avoidable trigger that I'd taken my chances with. My main trigger lately, however, has been the constantly changing weather. I mean, come on! It's 82 ° one day, then snowing the next. If I were driving down the street and saw the television weather forecaster, I'd be tempted to run him down, just for good measure.

Maybe part of my anger and frustration is that weather changes are something over which we have absolutely no control. I'm sure you understand what I'm saying here. We work so hard with our doctors to find effective treatment regimens. We pay attention to our sleep schedule and quality, watch meals and meal times, drink enough water, and assiduously avoid all the Migraine triggers we can only to be flattened by the weather!

This has been a time when I've been using _non-medicinal tools _ to their fullest:

  • _Aromatherapy _: peppermint for nausea and lemongrass for a bit of an emotional lift.
  • _AxonOptics glasses _: These have helped me tolerate sensitivity to light more easily.
  • Cold and heat therapy: A cold pack at my temple and a warm pack on my neck at least make me more comfortable.
  • Hot tea: Peppermint tea helps with nausea and doesn't have caffeine. I also love flavored black teas, which do have caffeine and can help medications work faster and better.
  • Pets: My cats, Peaches and Ali, help me feel less isolated with their cuddling and sweet little faces.

Today, the weather has changed again, and it's yet another Migraine day. It doesn't help that I'm due for my next Botox treatment, and it seems that there's always a slight increase in Migraines starting about two weeks before the treatment is due. To add to all of this, I had a short, but crushing phone call with an old friend yesterday. This woman, whom I've know for more than 40 years, said, "Take three extra-strength Tylenol with a cup of coffee. That will fix you right up." When I said, "Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately Tylenol doesn't touch these Migraines," her reply was, "." Mind you, all of that came about when she asked how I was, and I said, "Other than a raging Migraine, I'm great, thanks."

It's been an awful week as far as my Migraines go. Otherwise, it's been a good week, but that can be hard to see when you're in pain and extremely nauseous. You know what I mean, I'm sure. How has your week been? And, yes, I really want to know. Anyone else having a week like mine?

If your week has been bad, how are you handling it? I'd love to know and see if you have a better way of handling it than I do. For now, I'm going to allow myself about 10 minutes for a bit of a pity party, then stop feeling sorry for myself. Who knows? Maybe I'll cry a bit. After all, it's my Migraine, and I'll cry if I want to.

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