I've Found A Breast Lump. I'm 18 Years Old. What Do I Do?


Asked by lwit

I've Found A Breast Lump. I'm 18 Years Old. What Do I Do?

Yesterday I found a small, moveable lump in my right breast. I know it's pretty unlikely for girls my age to get breast cancer, but I've been worried about it since I found it yesterday. What should I do?


Thankfully, at your age breast cancer is only a remote possibility. Please read our message to teens about cancer for more on that.

There are several things this breast lump could be. It might be a cyst that could go away on its own, or it might be a benign type of lump called a fibroadenoma that young women sometimes get.

If the lump persists, you'll need to have a doctor check it out to find out what it is. Since you first noticed the lump yesterday, it would be safe to watch it to see what it does. Cysts often go away after a menstrual period, so if is still there after your period, check with a doctor.

In the meantime, I know this kind of thing is hard to discuss with parents, but you need to let them know what's worrying you. You could also talk to the school nurse. Our  Teen Guide to Breast Development  will give you more information about breast health issues for teens.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson