I've Had A Lump On My Breast Since I Was 14 Years Old, Now 36 1st Time Ask For Biopsy.


Asked by Virginia

I've Had A Lump On My Breast Since I Was 14 Years Old, Now 36 1st Time Ask For Biopsy.

I've had a lump on my breast since I was 14 years old, now I am 36 and this is the first time in all these years that I was told to have a biopsy done. The last time before this one that I had an ultrasound and mammogram and I saw a surgeon he said not to ever let anyone take it out unless it was bothering me which is not, this last one is the 3rd surgeon that sees me and the last 2 said not to worry about that it was beningn, my question is, what are the chances that it is cancer now? it has not grown or changed at all


Virginia, a lump that's been there for 22 years without changing isn't cancer; cancer is marked by uncontrolled growth, which this lump surely hasn't exhibited. That said, you could conicidentally have a new lump in the exact same spot (or adjacent to) the first lump, and you may not be able to tell it's new. In that case, if it's been there longer than a month, you'd want to have it diagnosed - via the usual process of mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy if needed.

Since this is the third surgeon you've seen about this, it seems you're a bit anxious as to what it might be. When you see the current surgeon, tell him/her you'd like a diagnosis - not "don't worry about it," but a specific "this is what it is, and this is what you can do about it" - which might range from "do nothing" to "take it out." Chances are, if it's the same lump you've felt since you were 14, it's simply a quirk in your anatomy; but your doctor/surgeon should be able to tell you more. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel