Jaw Pain And Crunching Noise


Asked by lADYBUG1956

Jaw Pain And Crunching Noise

I was eating (Nothing extremely hard) And all of a sudden my jaw hurts, and I hear a lot of crunching and grating. I could barely eat for a day, when I chewed it was painful in the jaw joint, and my bite feels way different, like its all off. I can't open my mouth as wide as usual, and still hear grating noise when I move my jaw. I had been asked before if I had ever been told I had TMJ. Help, is this my disk popping out, its painful, feels a tad bit better today, but still worrying me.


You should probably see a dentist who is able to assess structural problems in the jaw. Most problems do disappear over time...These problems can be caused by tight jaw muscles that cause the disc of cartilage that separates the jaw bone from the skull at the ear to move out of place. Some home remedies one website recommended include:

Eat a soft diet that requires little chewing - allowing the over-worked muscles to rest.

Take painkillers - anti-inflammatory medication (e.g. Ibuprofen) to turn down the inflammation

Heat -wrap a hot water bottle filled with warm water in a towel and apply it to the side of your face to relax those muscles.

Stop bad habits, such as clenching or grinding. Although, this may be difficult as

Learn techniques to control tension and stress and which help you (and your jaw joint muscles) to relax.

Jaw joint exercises - see your doctor/dentist for these

Avoid yawning for while...

If you have missing teeth that are interfering with your bite replace them if you can...

Check out the TMJ Foundation for more information.

Good luck!

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