Celebrate #ChronicLife

Celebrate the anniversary of #ChronicLife, a day when people with chronic illness live-tweet about their experiences.

by Britt J Johnson Patient Expert

February 2nd is Rheumatoid Awareness Day, and also marks the one year anniversary of an experiment called #ChronicLife where I, along with many other people with chronic illness, live-tweeted the reality of their lives. Since then, the community has nurtured its ideals: to honestly share the everyday moments of life with a chronic disease. Our goal is to create tweets that are educational to friends, family, and healthcare professionals. These tweets continue to show strength, the ability to choose to celebrate the life in #ChronicLife, and to grow as an educational movement in thanks to the community.

In light of the 2018 passing of Glenn Frey, and so much in the media about the severity of RA, we want to create a discussion throughout the day around the theme “Dealing with Fear, Dealing with Life.” How do you deal with the sometimes heaviness of #ChronicLife, while finding the willpower to keep going?

Britt J Johnson
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