Jumbled Thoughts

by Leah Community Member

I've had some new experiences.
The most alarming involves thought.
I am experiencing some jumbling of thought.
On one occasion, I was watching TV and the words the person was saying didn't make any sense to me...my thoughts cleared up, though, and I began to understand.
ANd, sometimes when my husband talks to me, everything gets very jumbled in my head... I wait and ask him to say it again more slowly...and I begin to be able to assimilate what he is saying.
I guess this is typical for dementia...hope it doesn't increase too much too soon.

According to Univ. of PA memory studies, Vit. E and folic acid help with the brain.
I've been taking copious amts of folic acid for almost a year.
I am now going to begin Vit. E.

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