Junk food in pregnancy tied to kids' mental disorders

Eating junk food while pregnant seems like pretty typical behavior. However, researchers from Deakin University in Australia say that unhealthy eating during pregnancy can be bad for your offspring.  The study found that women who eat junk food while they’re pregnant are more likely to have children with mental health problems, including depression, anxiety, conduct disorders and ADHD.

In this study, 23,000 mothers were evaluated.  The diets of both mother and children were recorded during pregnancy and running through when the child was three years of age.  At 18 months, three years old and five years old, moms were asked to complete questionnaires about symptoms of mental health conditions.  After analyzing the data, the results suggested that women who eat more unhealthy foods have children with increased behavioral problems, such as aggression and tantrums. And it was more than just McDonald's that defined "junk food" - this study included among unhealthy foods, sweet drinks, refined cereals and salty foods.

Children who ate more unhealthy foods in their first year of life or those who lacked nutrient-rich foods (such as vegetables) also showed increased aggression and behavior problems, as well as symptoms of depression and anxiety

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, Junk food in pregnancy linked to childhood mental disorders