Just 10 Minutes of Sitting Slows Blood Flow in the Legs


It’s well-documented that sitting for long periods has a negative impact on health. Being sedentary interferes with blood flow, especially to the lower legs, and raises your risk for heart and blood vessel disease. Results of a small study published in Experimental Physiology suggest that sitting for just 10 minutes is enough to reduce blood flow in small blood vessels in the legs.

Researchers used Doppler ultrasound to measure blood flow in the side of the knee in 18 young men with no known health problems. They took four measurements: before and after 10 minutes of sitting, and while resting or performing simple leg exercises (moving the foot back and forth) while lying down.

Sitting for 10 minutes reduced the ability of small blood vessels in the lower leg to increase blood flow quickly, but it didn’t affect larger arteries. The researchers also found that performing leg exercises helped maintain the blood vessels’ ability to rapidly supply blood to the lower legs. More research is needed to evaluate these findings in women, older adults, and others.

Sourced from: Experimental Physiology