Just 3 Percent of Kids Get Enough Exercise, Researchers Say


A U.K. study suggests that only 1 in 30 children meet minimum physical activity guidelines of at least one hour (60 minutes) of moderate exercise per day. The study was conducted as part of the Healthy Lifestyles Programme, a school-based obesity prevention trial funded by the National Institute for Health Research encouraging young people and their families to live healthier lives.

It involved 807 children, ages 9 and 10, and showed that, while about 30 percent of kids average 60 minutes of physical activity per day, just 3.2 percent meet these guidelines every day. According to the researchers, 1.2 percent of girls meet the daily exercise goals, compared to 5.5 percent of boys.

The information was collected from 32 schools in Devon, a county in southwest England. The children in the study wore activity tracker watches for seven days to provide the data.

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Sourced from: Journal of Physical Activity and Health