Im 51 And Have Just Missed My Second Period.


Asked by jan

Im 51 And Have Just Missed My Second Period.

my periods are like clock work and i have just missed my second one at the age of 51, no other symptoms , maybe more tired than usual but i do look after my grand children, good reason. if this is the menapause . do i need to see a doctor. thanks jan


Hi Jan, just 2 more cents to add to the other answer :) One other aspect of menopause and hormone therapy decision-making which is often skipped over is the long term effects of declining hormone levels. Besides being more tired, which could be low progesterone, low thyroid or adrenal fatigue, the hormones are responsible for our long-term health in many ways. It is important to consider what your real risks are and whether estrogen would be a benefit to your healthy aging. There is good research showing that when women start hormone therapy either before the last period or within a few years after, they have a lower incidence of heart disease (estrogen is cardioprotective), lower incidence of osteoporosis/colon cancer/Alzheimers and better overall morbidity and mortality. It's important to get informed, then work with a provider who knows hormones and menopause (which many primary docs, gyns and endocrinologists do not) so you can make the best decision for your personal risk/benefit ratio. Best of luck to you, Sandy

Answered by Sandy Greenquist