Just One Cigarette a Day Can Harm Your Heart


A new analysis suggests smoking the equivalent of just one cigarette per day increases the risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke more than expected – to about half that of people who smoke 20 cigarettes a day. According to the results of this analysis, there is no safe level of smoking, the researchers say.

For their study, researchers at the Cancer Institute at University College London in the United Kingdom analyzed data from more than 140 smaller studies and evaluated the risk of heart disease and stroke for people who smoked one, five, or 20 cigarettes a day. They discovered that men who smoked one cigarette a day were 74 percent more likely to have heart disease and 30 percent more likely to have a stroke than men who didn’t smoke. Women who smoked one cigarette daily were more than twice as likely to develop heart disease and 46 percent more likely to have a stroke than women who never smoked.

This analysis was published in the BMJ.

Sourced from: BMJ