Just Two Weeks of Inactivity Raises Diabetes Risk in Seniors


In older adults who are overweight and at higher-than-normal risk for developing type 2 diabetes, just two weeks of limited mobility can have a significant impact, according to a study from McMaster University in Canada that was published in the Journals of Gerontology.

For the study, participants reduced their daily steps to fewer than 1,000 per day – the equivalent of being housebound or hospitalized due to illness or injury. The researchers used pedometers and activity monitors to measure study participants’ mobility and regularly tested blood sugar levels throughout the two-week period.

They found that the sudden, brief period of inactivity elevate blood sugar levels and that many of the study participants didn’t recover fully once they resumed normal activities after two weeks. The results of this study suggest that older adults with pre-diabetes may benefit from preventive measures like dietary changes and active rehabilitation should they become immobile for a period of time.

Sourced from: The Journals of Gerontology