I Keep Going Really Hot, Is This A Symptom Of Ms?


Asked by Laura

I Keep Going Really Hot, Is This A Symptom Of Ms?

I keep experiencing hot flushes, several times a day. went to the Dr. she said it is not the menapause, more likely to be a chest infection. so had xray. came back clear. I have been taking anti biotics for nearly a week now. still dont feel any better. also keep getting an uncomfortable pain in my right rib cage, like tightening . is this what they call the MS hug?

love to here any thoughts you may have.

Cheers Laura


Hi Laura,

Looks like you've already got some confirmation here about the heat, but I'll chime in anyways.

During the years that my mother was going through menopause (and she's only 18 years older than I am), she preferred the house to remain COLD!!! I was always freezing when I'd sit in her living room needing access to lots of throws and such.

Now, she's done with menopause and has a lower body temperature. But I'm the one who needs an ice-cold temperature to be comfortable. LOL.

It's hard to tell if it was finally the MS kicking in full gear, or maybe a side-effect of some of the meds, but I enjoy cooler temperatures. At night, I've even started sweating through my pajamas into the sheets often.

I'm turning 40 in one week and menopause has not been discussed. After reading of others' experiences, I'd chalk it up to MS core body temperature. I do find that grabbing a frozen ice pack and holding it against my head, back of my neck, or against my wrists, helps bring my temperature down.

Just know that you are not alone or unusual in this.


Answered by Lisa Emrich