Keri's Breast Cancer Story: A New Breast Lump

Patient Expert

My name is Doug Haberstroh, my wife Keri was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 at the age of 25. Throughout her breast cancer journey, Keri and I kept family and friends up-to-date on her progress through email. It was Keri's wish to share her story to the world; these emails tell her story from start to finish.

Keri wrote the next message after stopping chemotherapy treatment due to a bad reaction to the chemo. She was ready to move onto the next phase of treatment: surgery, but she found a new lump in her breast that needed to be examined first.

Subject: Updatent: Monday, July 18, 2005


I know some of you have been receiving updates on Keri's progress from her e-mails but she's asleep right now so I have the honors of keeping you all informed.

We had another little scare last week when she found a new lump in her right breast (the opposite one that contained the original lump). As luck would have it we had a scheduled visit to our surgeon's office the next day after she found the lump. The scheduled visit was supposed to be our consultation for her modified mastectomy and reconstruction but turned out to be an examination of the lump. The ultrasound results were identical to what the tumor in the other breast produced. This of course caused a lot of concern, both for the doctor and us. The doctor then proceeded to do a needle biopsy to see if he could drain it himself but was unable to get the needle into the lump after two attempts, much to the discomfort of Keri, and decided at that point to schedule another surgical biopsy as an outpatient procedure.

The biopsy was scheduled for 1230hrs today and went off without a hitch. Keri handled it like a champ, got a little anxious right before she was wheeled into surgery but woke up with a smile on her face afterwards. Dr. Wilson spoke to me after he was finished and said everything went well and the results were better than what he expected. He said the lump looked like a benign cyst and all his years of experience (which is a lot of years as his is one of the founding surgeons in this area and is known by all hospitals and nurses in the local community as being the best doctor in town) would lead him to believe that it is not cancerous and there is nothing to worry about. Although he said there is always a chance but we'll get the lab results back this Thursday to find out exactly what it is but for now he said to rest easy, it all looks good.

So, with this behind us and after we find out what the lab results are Thursday we can again start thinking about the modified mastectomy and reconstruction. Depending on how long Dr. Wilson wants Keri to rest after this operation will dictate when the next operations will be scheduled. We are thinking at the end of the month but possibly early August. Keri is doing good, keeping high spirits and went to bed laughing tonight, which is always a good sign. She's ready for all this to be complete as am I.

Keri and I thank you for all your prayers and appreciate everything that you all have done. We continuously count our blessings and are thankful for having you all behind us, through the good and the bad. Thanks guys (and gals) and we'll be sure to keep you all updated throughout the rest of the processes. Take care, rest easy and God bless.


week 3 comic A Note from Doug: We're also telling Keri's breast cancer story as a weekly comic strip. Check back each week to follow her story. This week's episode, Episode 3, illustrates a bad reaction to chemo that Keri had, shortly after her first wedding anniversary.