Keri's Breast Cancer Story: Keri Notices a New Pain after Completing Breast Cancer Treatment

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My name is Doug Haberstroh and this is the story of my wife Keri. Keri was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. Keri was only 25 years old, and we had just begun our life together.

Keri has just undergone her breast reconstruction. Her body was healing, and the cancer seemed to be gone. We noticed a new pain but did not think it was related to her breast cancer. The doctors, of course, wanted to be extra careful and ordered a few scans to be certain. Things are looking bright and we have a vacation to Disney in the works, which is the ONE thing Keri had to see before leaving Florida.

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Hello All,

It is finally here. The end of an era. I have had the last of my stitches taken out this week. I have been told that I look great and healthy. I have been instructed on my massaging that I am to do for the next year to make sure everything stays open and soft. The doctor tells me that the pocket that my implant is resting in was made by him. Therefore, as a natural reaction, my body will try to reduce the size of that pocket. Thus causing pressure on my implant and making things go hard.

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This is where the massaging comes in. If I do the massages like instructed for the next year it will keep that pocket open and allow the implant to stay soft and sit nicely in place. So I have a new daily routine. Other than the massaging I have only check-up appointments and a little bit of healing still. Yeah!!!

Although there is a small down side to this. Once you get one thing settled and into healing mode another body part decides to act up. So I have had some pain in my tailbone lately. I mean lately like the past 3 weeks. So decided to have the doctor check it out.

You never know at this point with me what it might actually be. So the doctor checked it out and thinks I may have Sciatica. Which is an inflammation of the sciatic nerve in my pelvic area. Thus causing the pain when I sit, get in and out of the truck, get in and out of bed, and sometimes when I bend over. So to add to my list of ailments now I have the new addition of Sciatica. Much easier though to tolerate than the breast cancer. This is just a dull ache that should be able to be solved with some Ibuprofen. So the doctor prescribed some x-rays to confirm the synopsis and maybe a Motrin shot if needed. If it's not one thing it's another, but thank God I'm alive to be able to feel the pain.

So life is working back to a normal track. We still have our Disney vacation planned for April. I'm leaving here in a few days to take my trip alone to Oklahoma for some family time. Then, of course, there's also the fact that we are getting close now to a move and of course don't yet know "exactly" where we are going, but have a small clue it may be back to Tinker. We'll see when we get some paper work in our hands.

Had an interesting event happen the other night.... we were waiting outside Chili's for dinner and a toddler age girl decided to make friends with me while we waited. Her mother kept apologizing, but it really didn't bother me. In fact it just made me feel like I was ready to get back to working with kids. Can't wait for the next school year to start and hopefully this time I'll get to keep the teaching job that I acquire.

Well, I thought this was going to be a quick note, but as is with me I rambled on a bit. Hope all is going well with all of you. Some I will be seeing soon. Talk to you all later.

Much Love,


A Note from Doug: We're also telling Keri's breast cancer story as a weekly comic strip. Check back each week to follow her treatment. In this week's episode, Episode 11

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, Keri has finished reconstruction and has discovered a new pain in her tailbone.