Keri's Metastatic Breast Cancer Story: Last Radiation Treatment for BC Mets... Yeah!!!

Patient Expert

My name is Doug Haberstroh, and this is the story of my wife Keri. Keri was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 at the age of 25. This entry cover a very exciting time of our lives, Keri explains it well in these next couple of e-mails so I'll leave it to her to tell you all the good news we were dealing with at this moment in time.

Subject: Good Newent: Wednesday, April 19, 2006 11:39 AM

Hello All,

Good news to share. I found out today at my doctor's appointment that I will be having my LAST radiation treatment tomorrow. Seems that the doctors ultimately decided to go for the 14-treatment schedule, but I was thinking they were doing the 25-treatment schedule. Anyway that makes tomorrow my last treatment. Yeah!!!

I will have a check up in two weeks with the radiologist and then in a few months after there has been enough time for things to take effect and they will do another bone scan to check to make sure everything was taken care of.

My pain has dulled and I am down to taking pain pills only first thing in the morning and right before bed. Hopefully as things finish up the pain will completely go away. So once again we are soon on to normal life setting and just check-ups with the doctors.

I believe that I have been very tolerant of what I have been through and that it is about time that I am allowed to move on to better things. I did not have to endure many side effects with this set of treatments. In fact I only noticed as of this morning that things are fairly sensitive so I feel certain that it won't be too long before they get back to normal as well. I lucked out in that department this time.

The only thing that really bothered me much about these treatments was the total play they did on my mind. After going through chemo, which takes 3 hours and pain plus side effects, it really weirds my mind out to have treatments that only last 5 minutes with no pain and practically no side effects. Almost seems like it didn't really do anything at all, but it had to otherwise they wouldn't be doing them. Well, almost done anyway. What a surprise that was for me. Makes my day.

Just wanted to share my good news. I'll keep you posted on how all the after tests come out. Hopefully this will be the end of things.

Love to you all,


Subject: Trient: Thursday, April 20, 2006 11:06 AM


Just wanted to share a small bit of more good news. Back when we thought I was going to have to do 25 radiation treatments we ended up canceling our pre-planned Disney vacation because it would be during those treatments.

The doctors wrote a letter and we managed to get our money back on everything that we had already reserved. Well, since we found out that my last treatment was today we were a little disappointed that we had already cancelled everything because we could have gone since we had it scheduled for next week.

Needless to say I have the best husband in the world who told me to get online and reschedule everything anyway. So we are going to Disney!!! Yeah!!! We had to change resorts and change some of our dinner reservations, but we are still going.

We leave this Sunday and stay through next week and come home next Saturday. I am so excited. I can't wait. I've never been to Disney World.

My pain is almost gone and I really don't have much fatigue, plus I wouldn't miss this vacation for anything in the world even a little butt pain. Just wanted to share with you all that I am finally getting my celebration to end my Breast Cancer journey.

Hope you all are doing well. I will definitely write again after the vacation and send some pictures. Talk to you again soon.