Ketorolac (Toradol) for Migraine? Serious Shortage.

Patient Expert

If you depend on ketorolac (brand name Toradol) injections for Migraine treatment, it would be wise to contact your doctor to find out you should use in it's place for the foreseeable future.

Doctors, pharmacies, and emergency rooms are reporting shortages and outages of injectable ketorolac. The FDA web site lists ketorolac injection in their drug shortages section. Various manufacturers list shortages, giving different reasons including manufacturing delays, increase in demand, and raw material shortage. None list any anticipated dates by which they expect the shortage to be resolved.

Ketorolac is an NSAID sometimes used in injection as a rescue medication when Migraine abortives fail or can't be used. The brand name of ketorolac was Toradol, which was discontinued some time ago. For more information, see _Preventive, Abortive, and Rescue Medications - What's the Difference? _

If ketorolac is your rescue medication, please contact your doctor now about an alternative medication now, before you need it.

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