Can I Kiss My Wife Suffering From Asthama


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Can I Kiss My Wife Suffering From Asthama

I had got married some days before and found my wife is suffering from Asthma..I Love my Wife soooooooo MUCH .Kissing her in anyway & Sex with her in anyway will cause me 2 suffer from Asthama??

She usually feel this probem in Winter ,or while eating cold stuff.How much it is seveiour??? As per her ,some times before it gone seveiour that she was teken to Doctor by her Parents. The DOC Inserted a pipe in her mouth to clear the air way to lungs. (Inserting pipe is comes under swveiour Asthama..?????)

Kindly reply ASAP I am mentally tensed for her.


To answer your first question, you can't get asthma from kissing your wife. Asthma is not contagious (in other words, it cannot be spread from person to person). It is also unlikely that kissing your wife causes her to have asthma attacks. She should work closely with her doctor to find the best medicine and treatment regimen to help her bring her asthma under control so she doesn't need to go to the ER.

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