Kissing helps size up potential partner

Kissing may help people judge the quality and compatibility of a potential partner, concludes a new study from Oxford University.

The researchers conducted an online survey of 900 adults to examine the role of kissing in choosing mates. The results, published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, showed that the men and women who were more selective in choosing mates also valued kissing more.

One of the researchers, Robin Dunbar, said the study suggests that kissing is used as an assessment between partners in the more intimate, “courtship” stages that occur beyond initial attraction. Beyond the “courtship” stage, kissing may also play an important role at different times in committed, long-term relationships, she said.

Women, in particular, were found to value kissing in long-term relationships more than men because kissing plays a role in increasing feelings of affection and attachment among couples.

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Sourced from: BBC, Kissing the key to finding Mr Darcy