Why Does it Feel like I'm on a Pebble or Rock when I Kneel?


Asked by gale Hancock

Kneeling Feels Like I Am On A Pebble Or A Rock. Hurts So Bad I Almost Fall

What is it that is happening to my knee? It does not hurt when walking, only when I kneel or bend, but it feels like I'm kneeling on a rock.


Hi Gale,

Kneeling increases the pressure underneath the knee cap, so when you kneel you are feeling the pain of a patellofemoral joint problem.

Patellofemoral pain syndrome can hurt when going up and down stairs or hills. This condition is usually associated with a misalignment of the knee cap that causes the problems with the gliding motion of the knee cap.

Sometimes there can be some roughness like pebbles underneath the kneecap that interfer with the gliding motion of the knee cap against the femur. This condition is patellofemoral arthritis.

The best way to get an accurate diagnosis is to see an Orthopedic specialist. Or you can just stop kneeling.

Dr. Christina Lasich

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