I Know I Should Tell My Parents , But I Dont Know How To Bring It Up


Asked by Page

I Know I Should Tell My Parents , But I Dont Know How To Bring It Up

Last spring i suffered a concussion during lacross, i am 16 years old. That injury changed everything,I am on all sorts of medication and i have to refrain from physicall activity. I dont want to go into complete detail, but it wasnt just a concussion, the concussion triggered vertigo and severe headakes, and alot of other sucky thigs, the doctors still dont completely know whats wrong and its 7 or 8 months later. I dont know if its from that injury that i am feeling this way, but i know i am depressed. Im not a very emotionall person, knor dramatic ,and before all this, i would always be up beat and happy. I havnt felt myself for a while now, i have these thoughts that i know i shouldnt be having, i feel so hurt inside and hopeless, i try to stay happy most of the time because i know my family and friends expect it from me, im suppose to be the hyper and althetic girl. Now that i can no longer do anything athletic, along with alot of other things, i dont know how to handle myself im sorry im saying all this i just dont know what to do, i know i need to talk to a counceler or someone, but frankly im scared to bring it up to my parents because i know they will think of me diffrently and i dont like anyone to know how i feel, i dont like showing emotion. I just dont want to feel like this anymore,i cant sleep at night, so i take way to many sleeping pills and i still dont stay asleep, the medications im on are suppose to make me sleep but i still manage to not be able to fall asleep. Im on amitriptyline for my headakes and vertigo,meletonin to sleep, ic naproxen for my head, and acetemin for my vertigo, but i still manage to get vertigo and headakes while on all this. When i have a headake it seems thats when i feel more sad then usual. Sorry im writing so much i just dont know what to do, how should i bring it up to my parents, i brought it up to them once before and they said "well when your at the doctors put a smile on because i dont want to pay for counceling" i know they would get me help if i needed it, but i just dont know how to ask them


Hi, Page. I'm sorry you've had so much trouble resulting from your injury. I want to encourage you to tell your parents how you're feeling. You can tell them pretty much what you wrote here, how you've been depressed ever since the injury. Now, add to that all the medications you are taking and any or all of that combined could contribute to depression - it's not your fault! However, you're also in a situation where you've suffered a loss, the loss of things you were able to do before but no longer can and it's not surprising you would feel depressed. I have two grown sons who became depressed in their teens and believe me, I wanted to know and I was glad they told me so that we could get them the help they needed. I understand your fear of what they'll think, but I'll bet it won't lessen their love for you. In fact, I'm sure of it. They would feel much worse if you were to let this go untreated because you didn't tell them.

I hope this has been of some help. You may need the help of a psychiatrist because of all the medications you're on and to decide if you need an antidepressant, but a therapist would be very valuable for you, too, because of the situation you're in. I hope you get better soon and take the risk of telling your parents. This concussion could be part of the cause of the depression, so it's important that you get this addressed, okay? Let us know how you're doing and thanks for visiting our site.