Lack Of Sex From Bipolar Spouse Is There Hope?


Asked by tammy mahoney

Lack Of Sex From Bipolar Spouse Is There Hope?

should i hold husband responsible for lack of interest?? shouldnt he at least think of alternate ways to satisfy wife? its been 4 years i feel hopeless......



It's tough being the spouse of someone with a condition like Bi polar. You are not alone though. There are many folks on here in the same situation, granted maybe different circumstances. You have a great resource for support here at Health Central.

You didn't mention if your husband was taking any medications, but there are medications prescribed for bipolar that will cause a drop in sex drive and could even cause erectile disfunction. There is a post here by itllendintears where this same situation arose. Her husband was not interested in sex. It's not that the bipolar individual is not interested in their spouse, but the depressive part of the manic/depressant can cause disinterest.

You can read about being bipolar including common drugs prescribed for bipolar here. Specifically, you can read on this page about lack of sex drive being a side effect of some of the medications prescribed.

There is also a great explanation of how the highs and lows affect sex drive here. John McManamy is an expert patient here at Health Central and he answers the question of a bipolar individual explaining how medications affect dopamine levels.

I hope this helps somewhat. Remember you are not alone and if you are having a day that is good, login and post a sharepost here and let us like wise if you are having a not so great day, let us know that too! We're here to offer help, whether it is links to information or just an ear to listen.

Take care and stay in touch and let us know how you are doing!

Vicki M