Lap-Band to Gastric Sleeve Revision, Fabiola's Weight-Loss Success Story

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_Fabiola's video shows her beautiful transformation from size 22W to size 8/10.abiola Lost Weight by Never Losing Faith Fabiola Apollon is familiar with both the setbacks and success of weight loss. She was not a first time winner, nor a second or third, for that matter. However, she is a woman of great spirit, and her determination finally claimed the day. Fabiola_ is_ a winner.

Fabiola was overweight all through childhood despite her mother's attempts at management. Ever year she would gain more and more weight. When in high school, Fabiola did manage to lose 20 pounds, but gained it back when she was in college. She had lap band surgery in 2009 and lost 60 pounds but would gain that back as well. Fabiola then revised the lap band to gastric sleeve in June 2012.

Since the gastric sleeve surgery, Fabiola's dress size has dropped to a size 8/10, from the size 22 she used to wear. Nowadays, Fabiola is more confident in her body, and very much enjoys that people take notice of her in a positive way.

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Q&A with Fabiola about her weight loss success y Bariatric Life: In your video you use the song "Let Her Go" as background music. What is the significance of that song?

Fabiola Apollon: I used that song because I felt that everything he was saying I could relate to it with my weight loss journey. I have a fear of the unknown, and therefore it's scary to let go of things that are known to me. Being obese was all that I knew, and so letting go of the old me was a long process. I had to readjust the way I thought about food, my fitness lifestyle, and also my wardrobe. Being obese was a negative lifestyle for me due to medical issues. I realized I was slowly killing myself with food - and that's not love. Once I began to truly take care of myself and show myself love, I was able to push myself 10 times harder to transform into a healthier me.

MBL: How has your relationship with food, exercise, yourself, and other people changed since your weight loss?

Fabiola: Everything has changed dramatically! I always look at the nutrition facts before I eat something. I'm more likely to chose the foods where the protein is more than the carbs. A long time ago I use to just eat whatever I wanted and never checked for calories or protein. Now if I want to cheat, I'll look, and want to change my mind! Because I know one cookie that has 200 calories is not worth cheating! There are times where I am stressed out and go back to stress eating and I don't even check for calories. This is where I will gain weight. When I am not focused and I slip into my old habits, my weight will fluctuate between 5 to 20 pounds.

My relationship with fitness has changed because I am more active now. I have 2 gyms, one is Gaglione Strength where I focus on strength training and the other is called Gym 33 where I focus on cardio and minimal strength training. I am more motivated to work out as I am smaller and can physically see great results.

My relationship with myself is fabulous. I'm happier because I'm healthier. I see that I'm treating myself well and therefore I have a positive attitude. People treat me very well. In a way it's sad because when I was obese I was mistreated. I was always a sweet person but would get picked on because of my weight. Nobody bothers me anymore.

MBL: To what do you credit your success?

I credit all of my success to God. Since childhood, I would pray everyday and wish on a star. I always knew one day I would lose weight but wasn't sure when it would really happen. I would always pray to God not to help me lose weight but to give me STRENGTH to lose weight. I knew that if after all these failed attempts and I still had strength, then I could one day succeed.

I also thank my mom for always pushing me. She referred me to Dr. Buchin to get revised to the gastric sleeve. Initially when she did that I was so upset because she left a weight loss pamphlet on my bed. When I got home I was like, "Who put this weight loss surgery pamphlet on my bed? I already have the lap band. Are they saying that I failed and need extra help?" I was in denial and felt horrible that I would need to get a second surgery. I threw it out and told myself that I didn't need it and that I would continue to push with the band. After about a week or two I asked my mom for information about the gastric sleeve because I finally had accepted that I needed extra help.

MBL: How did spirituality help in your transformation?

Fabiola: Prayer gave me strength. When you have strength, you can get through anything in life.

For Fabiola, life keeps getting better. She does a good deal of strength and weight training, attends support groups, and credits her relationship with her doctor as helping to keep her on track. Fabiola shares her experience with others through social media. She is actively in touch with her weight-loss friends on Facebook (Fabiola Apollon) and Instagram (MsFab88). And be sure to check out Fabiola Apollon's videos on YouTube about her weight loss journey.

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