Ldl Is 205. Please Help


Asked by Vani

Ldl Is 205. Please Help


My husbands LDL is 205 and HDL is below normal. He is also overweight. He has excersiced on and off this summer but has not reduced any weight. I am so scared about his health. He is a vegetarian and does not smoke/drink. What should i do to help him reduce his LDL? He gets so upset if i ask him to excersise or control his diet. how do i motivate him? What should he do? Please help.


Hi Vani,

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You are not able to "force" your husband to make better diet and lifestyle choices. All you can do is be there to support him when he is ready and take what steps you can to provide healthy meal/snack options (i.e. use healthier cooking methods and stock your cupboards with healthy food choices).

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Lisa Nelson RD

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Answered by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN