Are Leaning and Shaking Normal Symptoms of Dementia?


Asked by Carol

Are Leaning and Shaking Normal Symptoms of Dementia?

My mother sleeps a lot, about 20 hours a day, and she started leaning to the right while sitting and standing about three weeks ago. Now her left hand also shakes. She eats very little and only drinks about 8-10 ounces of fluid a day. Is this all part of the dementia—are these normal symptoms?


This doesn't sound like normal dementia symptoms to me. I'd get her to a doctor to have her medications checked and see what can be done.

Please make sure the family knows that hospice's track record shows that many people live longer on hospice care than without it. They also help the family. Many people think hospice is only for the last couple of weeks of life. Then, after using hospice, they say, "I wish we'd called earlier."

Obviously, this will be up to your family, but the more educated everyone is, the easier it will be to make the decisions necessary.

This is what a lot of people don't understand - we are healthy, so we get hungry. When people are dying, their organs start to shut down. Their body doesn't want food. Sometimes, it's even cruel (not generally intentional) to push food at someone in that condition. Hospice can answer these questions very well. They helped both of my parents at the end. When my mom quit eating, it was because her liver and other organs didn't function. Food made her sick.

There are conditions that warrant feeding tubes, but if the doctor says this is not one of them, I'd go with that. I know it's hard to make that mental switch, but a dying body isn't going to want to eat.

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