My Left Breast Feels Warm. Should I Worry?


Asked by loving mother

My Left Breast Feels Warm. Should I Worry?

I've been experiencing a warm feeling inside my left breast, starting 3 years ago. I had a mammogram, but it didn't show anything. My doctor suspects some hormonal changes due to birth control drugs; she advised me to stop the drugs, and wait 2 months to see if there's any change. But I'm very worried, especially after reading about inflammatory breast cancer. Any advice?


Inflammatory breast cancer can begin with a feeling of warmth in the breast. But this very rare cancer develops quite quickly, and the warmth would evolve into pain, skin changes, and swelling within a matter of weeks. Thus, this feeling of warmth that's lasted for 3 years wouldn't be a breast cancer symptom, as it would have developed into a full-blown problem by now.

Since it's on the left side, have you considered a possible heart issue? Or, as your doctor said, this may be hormonal. At any rate, please don't stress over cancer, as you wait for your next appointment. Anything that's been happening for 3 years without getting appreciably worse almost certainly isn't serious.

Answered by PJ Hamel