My Left Breast Is Very Itchy In One Spot


Asked by Lumpy

My Left Breast Is Very Itchy In One Spot

'I am 31, non smoker, I try to eat healthy, I have IBS and Fibromyalgia, which i treat with Calcium Citrate, Magnesium citrate and Malic Acid. I have changed detergents but this itching started before then and is local to one spot only.

`I had a large solid lump removed from my right breast last may, but over the past few months my left breast has been very itchy. Cortisone cream does not really help. It seemed like it was the skin but i think it is more under the skin now. I have been scratching so much the skin is now red and blotchy and dried out more.


Gosh, this could be any number of things... Considering it's been going on for several months, but apparently hasn't really developed into anything identifiable, I'd doubt it was cancer. An itchy breast can be a sign of inflammatory breast cancer; but usually it advances quite quickly, more quickly than "several months." At any rate, have you asked your doctor about this? If not, ask; if he/she can't help you, ask to move to the next level, and see a breast specialist. This could be hormonal; a nerve issue; who knows, but it would be good to get it diagnosed so you can get some relief. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel