Leg Hurts In Two Places Right Below Knee. (


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Leg Hurts In Two Places Right Below Knee. (

My leg hurts in two places right below knee. I woke up with sharp periodic pain in one area that did go away, but it still hurts to touch. I have had similar problems on the right side of knee, but eventually it went away. There are two area hurting now. The leg is not swollen, but it feels "full." I have a history of my niece having leg stents, but no one else to our knowledge in the family. I have high blood pressure and taking medication for that. Any ideas?


Hi Gaw731,

I recommend you contact your physician for an evaluation to determine the cause and an appropriate treatment plan. It could simply be your body reacting to the pain in your knee, or it could be something serious such deep vein thrombosis. It's best when you have something that painful going on that you see your doctor as soon as possible.

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