A Letter to My Fellow Migraine Patient

A message of hope and inspiration to all who suffer from migraine

Woman writing a letter at desk outside.
    Migraine is a thief. It steals time, productivity, and some of our abilities. But it does not have to steal your identity.
    Jaime Sanders

    Jaime Sanders


    Jaime Sanders is a patient advocate who has lived with migraine her entire life. She writes the popular blog The Migraine Diva and is a Migraine Patient Advocacy Coordinator with the Global Healthy Living Foundation. She also partners with the American Migraine Foundation and Shades for Migraine, and is a stakeholder with the Coalition for Headache and Migraine Patients and the Headache and Migraine Policy Forum. Through her advocacy work and blog, Jaime’s mission is to make a very invisible disease visible to the rest of the world and validate the real pain of millions. You may reach her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.