Life Skills Exercise & End of Week Wrap Up

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Hello there

It is Friday already.

Let's start off with a little exercise shall we?

It is my personal belief that we do better emotionally when we simplify our lives.   When our homes, relationships, jobs, and minds become overly cluttered then we feel stress.   And stress leads to feelings of being trapped and depressed.   Today I want you to think about what elements of your life are adding uneccesary clutter.

Can you list at least five things which you would like to simplify, organize or even get rid of to make your life more simple today?

For me at the top of my list is all my paper mess in my home...old bills, file folders, memos, old calendars, is just cluttering up my house and causing me to not be able to find things I need to find.

And now it is time for our weekly mental health check up:

1.   On a scale of one to ten how would you rate this week for you?** 2.   What was the best and worst of this week for you?**** 3.   What made you smile this week?**** 4.   List five (or more) elements of your life which add clutter that you would like to either organize or eliminate.**

I do hope you all have a good weekend.   This weekend I am writing and entertaining a relative coming into town.   I suppose I am thinking about clutter because I need to clean up and get organized quickly before my visitor arrives.

Keep writing and...being supportive of one another.   I see really good things happening here in our community.   Thank you for sharing your challenges here but also how you cope with them.   We all learn from one another when we simply tell our story.