Life Skills Exercise: Identifying Triggers of Depression

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Hey everybody

Happy Friday to you

I thought we would mix it up a bit and do a life skills exercise today.   One of the things about depression which is common for us all is that we all have triggers   of depression.   It is easy to neglect looking at these signs until it is too late and we find that we are sinking rapidly into depression.

If you suffer from a mood is like having any other have to know your triggers.   For example, I have Multiple Sclerosis.   My triggers are heat, lack of sleep, and a change in my hormones.   During these times I try to be careful as I know an MS episode may be pending.

It is the same for depression.

So what I would like you to do is to make a list of all the triggers you can think of which exacerbates your least five.

What triggers your depression?

I will share my short list.

Lack of sleep.

Too many demands-stress

Interpersonal conflict

The weather (dark days, rainy days)

Being around abusive people.

Then what you want to do is to make an action plan to deal with these triggers.

Make sure to get a good restful night's sleep.

Learn to say "No" to too many demands.

Learn to be assertive to handle interpersonal conflict.

Maybe purchase a light box.

Simplify my life and do not spend time with abusive people.

**See how this works?   Now it is your turn!   Please share your "depression trigger" list with us as well as an action plan of what to do when you are faced with one of your triggers.  **

And while you are at it, please tell us how you are doing this week.   We want to hear it all!